Sunday, March 28, 2010

---Kernersville Engagement Photography--- The Last Session!

My ABSOLUTELY last session before I "go into my confinement" LOL... maternity leave has officially begun, but when my dear friend Mary asked me to do engagement photos for her, I couldn't say no... 15+ years of friendship means you get some special perks! ;)

I met her fiancé Aaron for the first time, and seeing the two of them together made me sooo happy... I just know they will have a long blissful marriage and tons of adorable chocolate-eyed babies!!! (I'm a little jealous since I got two blue-eyed chilluns and am probably expecting another :P)

Anyway, we headed to some of my favorite spots in downtown Kernersville... Harmon Park and Harmon House... and though you would never guess, the parking lot of a bank too. Hehe Mary and Aaron are devout Catholics and I had the idea to do some pics showing off the sparkly new ring and a rosary with their entwined fingers... they ended up bringing his-and-hers rosaries which looked amazing!

I am in LOVE with these pics and was so thrilled when Mary called me about 25 seconds after I sent her the link to the proofs, telling me that not only did they make her cry (score!) but they totally eradicated the self-consciousness she's had about being photographed since high school. What a true compliment!!! It's awesome to help people see themselves as unique and beautiful as they truly are!!

Without further ado, here are the pics!!