Sunday, August 9, 2015

Beckie Rae . . . . . Custom Personal Head Shot Portrait Photography . . . . . Winston-Salem NC

You know that feeling when you first meet someone, and you just know you're going to be friends? That's how I felt the first time I met Beckie Rae, when I photographed her amazing family last fall. 

She and her hubby and their five -- yes, FIVE -- kids were SO awesome to photograph... 

and not in that "all clients are great" photographer cliché way... 

ACTUALLY awesome. This lady seriously has it together... I'm in awe of her!

SO when Beckie Rae asked me about doing some personal portraits of her for an upcoming venture, I jumped at the chance to get her gorgeous self in front of my camera again. You can see why.

By the way, if you're like me, and sorta struggling to deal with health and fitness and work and relationships and kids and LIFE... get in touch with Beckie Rae, or at least check out her website. You owe it to yourself! She can help you! DO IT!

Email me at to schedule your session!

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