Sunday, July 19, 2009

Greensboro NC Child Photography - Model Search coming soon!!!

Coming up soon, it's Model Search time... and every age, shape, and size is needed from babies to adults!

Everyone who shows up at the free Model Search shoot goes into my Model Book, which is what I pull from when I need models for commercial jobs or for testing new locations, props, etc.

Once the date is set, just show up at the time and place given -- it'll be a marathon of 5 minute mini-shoots. Each model gets a $25 Bliss gift certificate for a future session!

When you get called for a commercial or testing shoot, you get the session free, and a $25 credit!

If you want to know when the Model Search date is set, you need to do one of the following...

a) check daily here on the blog


join the Facebook page by clicking here (click Become a Fan at the top)


join the mailing list by clicking here