Friday, April 6, 2012

¦Kernersville High Point Winston Salem Photography¦ Spotlight on K'ville - Paper Sassy

I love the town I live in.

It's big enough to have a Target and 3 Starbucks, but small enough that most of the people who work in those places know me by sight, if not by name. City perks, small town vibe... what's not to love?

I live in Kernersville, NC, and have for the past 12ish years. It's also where I do the majority of my photography sessions... I know all the best spots, and there are lots of them.

I get a lot of clients asking me about places to shop, eat or hang out after sessions, and the list of possibilities is amazing here... there's so much to see and do, and non-locals might pass by the best places.

So, I decided to start a "Spotlight on K'ville" feature for the blog... I plan for it to be a weekly deal, but don't judge me if I miss a week here and there. ;)

Without further ado, here's the first!

Located in the Factory in downtown Kernersville...

210 N. Main St. Suite 106 | | 336-497-4730 |

This shop is pure eye candy from wall to wall... every kind of stationery, wrap, ribbon, paper you can imagine... and if you like stuff personalized, Devora's got you covered.

You can find a gift for pretty much anyone... they simply have a ton to choose from and it's all so cute I want to buy one of each thing.

This apron makes me want to put it on and cook something. Which is saying a lot.

New or expectant parents on the shopping list? Go here.

Planning a party? Go here.

As if the shopping wasn't fun enough, Devora also has this lovely area called the Imagination Station, where she helps you create your very own beautiful things.

How cute is Miss Jessica working on her door cover?

Devora's designs have even been featured on the Today Show... so sign your kids up for her summer art class. I'm going to.


Long story short, Paper Sassy rocks, Devora is super nice, and you should go here asap and check out all the thousands of adorable things. K?