Friday, April 20, 2012

¦Kernersville High Point Winston Salem Photography¦ Spotlight on K'ville - Splurges Boutique

Splurges is located in the Factory in downtown Kernersville (as well as another location in Greensboro)

210 N. Main St. Suite 130 | 336.310.4571 | | Facebook

This shop is absolutely full of things you're going to want. The last time I went in, I bought a cherry vanilla scented hand cream in a pink owl bottle... because... well, I love owls and pick stuff and hand cream, and I decided I NEEDED IT.

Walking into the shop, you can start right off with free tea, which is plain awesome, then you get to feast your eyes on so many pretty things you won't know where to start.

They have lots of owl stuff, which totally thrills me.

Pretty things for myself or for gifts... yes.

Let's see... clothing, scarves, cosmetics, bath stuff, burp cloths, accessories of every kind, Toms... there's sooo much. And I love it.

Really, you will go in here and get lost for a while. It's just fun.

Vicki, who manages the Kernersville location, is super friendly and nice and can tell you about everything they have... you will love her.