Friday, August 17, 2012

¦Kernersville Greensboro High Point Winston Salem Baby Photography¦ Josiah, 6 months

Lots of new little guys lately and I'm loving it. Josiah is so happy, I don't know how I luck up with all these happy babies... or maybe it's me. One can hope? ;)

Just look at this baby's eyebrows... I absolutely LOVE THEM... it reminds me of my youngest daughter, who has such expressive eyebrows that I actually call her "Brows" when she's really working those toddler expressions. Also, her eyes are blue and brown hazel, similar to Josiah's, which makes me that much more enamored of him.

His mommy Laura sent me this testimonial:

"The entire experience with Bliss Photography is beyond what I hoped for! Maggie's photographs are really amazing, from the variety of expressions and tendencies of my 6 month old that she captured to the picturesque and imaginative backgrounds! I can really tell she loves children. I was also impressed with how she was able to work with our surroundings. She had us place my son at the center of a circular brick formation, which resulted in very unique and gorgeous photographs. In general she utilized the park where our session was really well. The same is true of my son's blanket and toys, they were worked in beautifully!

Aside from the beautiful photographs and the great experience at the session, Maggie has been great to work with overall. She's always accommodating since I first contacted her. She sees everything through to the very end to ensure that you're a happy costumer! My experience with her has been a huge contrast from the my son's first photo session at a Sears, which was a disaster! Especially considering all that she offers, her prices are very reasonable!"

Heck yea, buddy. That's what I like to hear.

{this was his mommy's Bambi blanket... LOVE}